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About us

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Resha is a socially conscious fashion brand with the vision to re-evaluate the way fashion is consumed and bring the age old crafts of India to the mainstream. Our products are 100 % handmade with natural dyes and natural fibres, good for the environment and good for the soul. We aim to create and give mindful design choices for the customers as well as conservation & commercial opportunities for craftsmen.

Each and every Resha product is a thread bearer of the stories passing down to generations since ages and a step towards their restoration.

Fresh perspective along with the love for life and freedom forms the foundation of the brand. Fearless use of colours, form and innovation is an essential part of Resha’s design methodology. We are not limited to market trends and forecasts, instead we derive our inspirations from the people, surroundings, travel, mood and stories. Resha’s designs are a bold take on reminiscence and memory in modern times.

Sustainable fashion

A lot of attention and care is taken in the rightful representation of women through the brand. 

Resha believes that fashion is not a monopoly of a certain body or skin type and celebrates the diversity in beauty. The brand value and the products reflect the same, you will find something for everyone in the brand.The models are the women that we see around us. Resha does not confirm to socially constructed ideas of beauty and constantly challenge it as a conscious design choice. Resha’s garments are slouchy, comfy and anti-fit, as opposed to nation’s obsession to a perfect fit. Resha advocates freedom in fashion and not caring about others opinion and opting out of trends by choice. 


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They are versatile and durable piece of clothing which can take you smoothly from board room meetings to date nights. Resha hugs you lovingly rather than caging you, it's forgiving and accepting and doesn't ask you to be in a certain shape.  Every year, a number of crafts are perishing for not being able to sustain themselves because of the cheaper, low quality options available in the market and the unethical fashion practices popular these days. Resha is an effort to sensitise the masses of the damage our environment is facing because of these choices everyday.

We are always happy to take your questions, unique collaboration ideas or ideas on how we can improve and do better.  Write to us at care@resha.in.