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  • Dabu printing - Traditional printing practice of Rajasthan

    Dabu or daboo is an old mud resist hand block printing technique native to Rajasthan. The practice almost died out over the last century but w...
  • Sujini Embroidery Work of Bihar, India

    Sujani (also known as Sujini) is a form of embroidery originating from the Bhusura village of Bihar in India. In ancient times, it was considered as a form of quilting wherein old sarees and dhotis were used as the creative canvas, the cloth was folded twice or thrice and then simple stitches were done on these used clothing to add newness to them. Today, Sujani embroidery is also practiced in the southern part of Rajasthan for making patterns on Sarees, dupattas and other clothing and home furnishing
  • Madhubani Painting - Bihar, India - History, Designs & Artists

    Madhubani painting is one of the many famous Indian art forms. Madhubani paintings originated in the Mithila region of Bihar. The knowledge was passed down from generation to generation and the paintings began to adorn the houses of the region. The women of the village practiced these paintings on the walls of their respective home. Their paintings often illustrated their thoughts, hopes and dreams.
  • The real Frida Kahlo beyond the pop culture icon

    Oh How we all love Frida Kahlo and everything about her but what happened in the recent past that an artist who was not so well known beyond mexico became a global symbol of pop art. She is referenced in every industry now from fashion to art to a level where we have commodified an artist of warrior like strength and resilience. Deep down all of this there's an artist, a person whose suffering and nuances shaped her and her art. let's try to get to know the real Frida kahlo.
  • The thing about hand bound sketchbooks

    Sketchbooks are where most of our ideas, inspirations, our deepest dark secrets, our fears and our dreams are stored and kept safe. The pages of any artists sketchbooks are filled with the ideas that one day can change the world. From the notebooks of science geniuses to the sketchbooks of world renowned artists, the sketchbook has kept the brain dump safe for everyone and what is better than a handcrafted sketchbook.
  • A Tale of sisterhood

    We all are aware of the popular myth that female friendship is always about competing with each other for male attention, jealousy and conversations about men - Let's discuss and understand how very wrong it is and How-s and Why-s of  it becoming a part of the collective conscience of our society because we are being bombarded with stories like that. Let's break the myth and refuse to accept the popular narrative.
  • Cotton - A natural fibre with magical powers

    Organic cotton has been our all time favourite. You know how much we love comfortable, airy and forgiving clothes and what can be a better choice of fabric then all natural organic cotton. We associate pure cotton with pure joy and happiness because of it's sheer quality to adapt to any climate especially the sweaty ones. Here's our love letter to our favourite fabric cotton.
  • Bandhani dyeing - Poems of old times on textiles

    Tie and Dye or commonly known in India as 'Bandhani' is a beautiful handicraft from Rajasthan. Its a fabric printing technique where a fabric is tied with different objects and dipped in single or multiple coloured dyes to give a rich, bright coloured fabric prints. Come with us on a journey of this beautiful art from bylanes of Rajasthan to the hippies of the world.
  • Itajime Shibori - A japanese art of resist dyeing

    Itajime shibori has been an age old printing technique used by Japanese artists to dye clothes, japanese art and tradition is full of evidences found in history of shibori. Indian artists and textile designers are realising the possibilities of this age old process now and adapting it to explore what can be done with it. Read more to know about this dying art.
  • Story of Indigo dye | The Blue Gold of India

    This article is an offering to our love to a beautiful color - Indigo with an equally beautiful history. Did you know indigo colour can come in a lot of tints depending on how much time you soak it and expose it in sun. Read and know all you want to know about your beautiful indigo saree or that favourite indigo shirt of your's.
  • Nudity vs Nakedness in fashion industry

    Nudity vs nakedness - how do we know when a naked picture is a free form of expression or just catering to male gaze of a consumerist society. What is responsible representation and fragility of it all. Come with us on our journey to question the stereotypes and our cultural conditioning.