What do the clothes we wear say about us | Our Chosen Skin What do the clothes we wear say about us | Our Chosen Skin – RESHA

What do the clothes we wear say about us | Our Chosen Skin

Author - Divyashree Thacker

Only recently a friend of mine decided to send me a photograph of a man she saw while walking on the streets of San Francisco. Picture a young twenty-something guy wearing a bright red cap, baggy green pants tearing from all over and what looked like a smart peach formal shirt which he wore on a normal sunny day for whatever reason he himself may know.

While in India, one glance at a person wearing such clothes would bring out a laugh for the people passing by, in the West it really did not matter. It did not matter to the person wearing what he wanted to wear, and to those who saw him.

When we wish to take a decision about anything in relation to physical appearance such as clothes, shoes, hairdo, features of the skin, we think about it a million times before we actually wear it on our personal self.

We tend to be super indecisive of our clothes because we think we may not look good enough.

It is the wish to make sure i/we are the most good looking person in the room that drives the thought in making us change between five hundred options before deciding on one. Is it fair for us to put the time and thought into it? Yes, absolutely.

It is solely because the physical appearance is the first impression of any and everyone around us. It is a way of presenting your personality, a mode of communication with the world about what you wear and why you choose to wear it. Sometimes as simple as wearing something just because you like it, and even that is a great way of communicating to the world that you do not care about what one thinks.

A simple piece of clothing can say so much about oneself in the world today.

An informal Indian attire for men with a kurta and a pair of jeans says a lot and has even created a big stereotype of being a classic writer or a revolutionary of some sort for many.

While on the other hand, there are those who make sure to wear white with blue just so it looks good while matching it with the right kind of shoes, and well there is always that one person who does not care about anything, but just puts on the chappals, picks a tee and walks out of their home.

Clothing and the decision behind is not just a personality trait but has also started to become a major social statement.

It is highly imperative for any cause to find the most basic and simple way to channel its way through. And what better way than to dress in order to send your message across. Transgenders, cross dressers can now actually utilise the medium to present themselves in their own skin.

We constantly live in the fear of being judged which is what stops many of us from taking a step ahead in anything we do. So why not get up, dress up and be true to yourself while also being true to your own skin.