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The Lost Art of Writing with Pen

Author - Divyashree Thacker

the art of Writing by pen

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The Lost Art of writing with pen, the smell of books, and painting in the era of technology overload of typing

When mankind finally began to hold a pen, the first form of pen-paper relationship was the painting. Artists flourished with the rise of the renaissance and the society was fascinated by the impact the use of a small handy stick could have. A pen, paint brush with a few colours could say so much.

Masterpieces were created while history was being Written

It is this same history that comes from such proofs and evidences like books, anecdotes, inscriptions, paintings. In the rise of the theatre, plays were written and not simply performed because the playwright wanted to preserve it in reality so that it never gets eliminated from society. Things were meant to be preserved, back in the day, and putting them on paper was the best and perhaps in some places, the only way to do it.

The use of a writing device was once the norm while now it has become a rarity. Wood moved to leaves, leaves moved to paper, paper moved to magic slates and slates moved to computer and phone screens. Our writing now has become the product of excessive and constant time spent on screens and keyboards.

Paper and Pen

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Small or big, old or new, computers, smartphones and laptops have taken over millions of lives that had grown up to the practice of writing with a pencil before moving to the pen and not the use of a stylus to write a message. We used to read through actual hand bound pages rather than kindles and iPads.

While writing was the art of knowing what and how to provide matter to paper, it is now become trivial to the use computer applications which are called ‘pages’.

Men and women were identified by the way they wrote, how aesthetically pleasing it seemed and how well they could write. Now, we just hope and wish our emails are not as long as our books.

Technology even allows for the society to disappear from they actually are to be. The rise of adobe and its shenanigans which open our avenues to as much as removing one from their own skin gives fodder to those who voluntarily choose to not be themselves.

Gone are the days when one would have to wait for hours and hours in anticipation of how the artist has perceived and put them on a canvas. Of how they look on a paint brush rather than a 21 megapixel camera.

A paper with a pencil

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There was always a joy in taking an empty piece of canvas and giving it life with colour, the smell of old books when you buy them from a second hand shop, the touch of the almost torn paper that was once the first sold copy of someone decades ago and the art of writing with the pen not knowing what your next word would be and losing the ability to go back and take away what you had already written.

The joy of writing is what the art misses and if there is no joy in anything else, then how can art exist in the first place.

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