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The Art of Writing Letter

Author - Divyashree Thacker


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Long Gone Art of Writing Letters

Yesterday evening, I shared some photos I had clicked as part of an assignment with my family. Later in the day, my mother tells me that even my grandmother saw those. How? She had immediately forwarded those through WhatsApp and she had seen it. It was then that I remembered how only a few years ago I would’ve taken printouts of those photos and posted them to my grandma, with a small note or a letter to go along with.

It was the time when we were not only young kids who didn’t know much about technology, but also when technology didn’t really know us as well.

We fantasise about the times when our lives weren’t complicated by social media and what not. What we really miss is the art of writing letters and expressing ourselves through words to our loved ones. We express ourselves through blogs, messages, write-ups, but in reality the whole idea of expression really began from writing letters. When we write letters, we open ourselves to our loved ones.

What is the difference between expressing through words and putting those in the form of letters could be in terms of who we are talking to.

When we write, we let go, we take away some certain emotions and thoughts we usually would not be able to vocalise. In letters, we are able to do that with more personal touches. We write to someone we know, in most cases.

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We ask about them, we tell them about us, and we just talk. It is just a longer way of having a conversation you can now have in a minute. We begin by saying hello, we go to questions and answers, we add some emojis, and we are done. That is how a conversation works today. On certain days, we are with the person and not on the phone but what are we really doing? Drinking, watching a film, “chilling”, as they say. Very rarely do we talk and come out in the open with what we usually would not.

Now imagine a scenario where you are sitting with your girlfriend or boyfriend, family, best friend and just talking. You are letting out each and every thing you have been wanting to from within you, no filter. No attachments, no distractions, just talk.

Perfect does not seem to exist, which is why we all started writing more and more letters in the first place. We take a page, a pen and just put voices into words.

If you ever heard of a concept called ‘The Pen Friend’, you would know how easy it is to be able to know and trust someone you have never met just by expressing yourself.

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We don’t talk anymore, we don’t confess much, we take so much in that it destroys us. The art of letter writing,

the style of it, the way you talk to someone when nothing else is between that has been missed.

I once came back from school in the afternoon to find a small piece of an envelope hanging out of the letterbox with my name and address on it. Constantly reading it and trying to force the paper open while going to my room made me anxious, suspicious, wondering, what really is my grandma upto these days? Does she still go for her morning walk? When will she give my mother her laddoo recipe that I love so much? Questions running in the mind, the letter is forced out and I read.

She wants to know if I am studying for my exams and how my football practices are going. And as I read, I already have my answers in mind of what I am going to write, what I will tell her and how happy she will feel the way I felt at that moment. It was a young kid enjoying the act of picking up a pen and going in full motion putting words on paper.

It is missed.

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